that’s really really sweet. your parents sound amazing :)
Yup! I always say that if a show was made about their journey, it would be a hit. It's such a good girl - bad boy story that sometimes I feel like I'm reading about them when I read a book with this trope :D
omg bb thats so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time
I think it's very romantic, that's one of the few things that consoled me after he passed :)
oh god im in tears :’( sorry for ur loss but this thought that he had to die in his true love’s arms is just so powerful and the fact that the same happened ughh mann… idk wt to say im literally in tears right now..
IKR?! People dream but for it to happen for real was amazing and it's even more amazing cos at that time my Mom usually goes to office but for some reason she stayed back that day. I'm kinda glad I wasn't around cos it was so their moment, it was just as he wished :')
i am so sorry for your loss, but i’m glad that your father was happy in his last moments. all my best wishes to your family. <333

Thank you! :)

this is so sad but this is so cute

Yes, it's very sweet :)